Friday, January 2, 2015

Shopping Carts and Bees

A Keeper of Bees by Allsion Wallace

Shoppers push hundreds of shopping carts out to their cars from supermarkets everyday.  George Hewitt is one of the dedicated workers who collects them from wherever people have dumped them all over the parking lot.  He has been doing it for 21 years and is retiring next Saturday.  He told me that when they take your health insurance away, its time to leave.  He was able to sign up for Medicare just in the nick of time.  He didn't find out that they had taken his insurance away until he was at his doctor's office.  Shoprite is the culprit. 

Recently, I have been reading a book about bees that discusses the necessary repetition of most work that we all do.  "Such appears to be the futile nature of most work... There is no such thing as work done that stays done..."  A Keeper of Bees by Allsion Wallace  

So I asked George how he feels about doing the same thing over and over again and he said that he doesn't mind it, that it has to be done.  But he just doesn't like it when he has to do other people's work.  He says the guys who work after him don't usually pull (or push) their own weight.  I assured him that I always put my shopping carts away and then I realized that often I don't.  I am not at all tolerant of repetitive work.  Maybe it would be a good idea for me to apply for George's job and get some "busy bee" practice - I think I need it.

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