Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Dickens character, perhaps?

As many people do, I browse through magazines when I am waiting in line at the supermarket   Most choose to check out the tabloids, but I go right to the fashion rags.  The December issue of Vogue has a great spread of Dickens inspired fashion.  I couldn't wait to go home and design my own version using what I already had in my closet.  I reconstructed this pinstripe suit by shortening the legs and adding eyelet ruffles to the bottoms.  The day before during one of my regular thrift store junkets, I had picked up the plaid cumberbund and bow tie, never worn, in their original box.  Since I am a lover of all things red plaid, I already had the hat and bag in my collection.  The striped button down shirt and black ankle boots completed the outfit for me.  But was I all dressed up with no place to go?  Heck, no!  Jeffrey and I had a lovely night out in Cape May attending an art coop holiday gift fair and  going for drinks at the beautiful and cozy bar at Congress Hall.  Even a night out in little old Cape May can be divine when you are wearing the right outfit!