Friday, June 5, 2015

My Betsey Johnson Collection

This is a baby wale corduroy pantsuit that I have had since 1973.  I had never heard of Betsey Johnson before but have continued to love the playful and mischievous style of her clothing ever since.  She epitomizes the spirit of a renegade fashion designer and still does at age 70.  Read a wonderful profile of her and see photos from all four decades of her career here.

I have several pieces of Betsey designed clothing in my wardrobe, all from different eras, most of which I have found at thrift stores.  
I absolutely adore these stockings with their contrasting polka dots and the shoes with their lucite heels and Betsey's signature rhinestone decorated hearts.  Bling was her thing before the term was even coined!

This is a two piece set; a plain black slip is worn under the gauzy floral dress.  I guess I felt  like an Indian dancer when I put it on today.  It definitely has an exotic flair to it and most of Betsey's clothes are designed for ease of movement.  She still does a full cartwheel at the end of all her runway shows!
Can you believe I just recently scored this fantastic double breasted jacket complete with shoulder pads for $8 at one of my local thrift stores? 
It's a great addition to my collection and I hope to add new pieces for years to come.  Thanks Betsey!