Thursday, January 15, 2015

Happy National Hat Day!

There used to be a woman in my old neighborhood in NYC who wore one of these faux coon skin caps everyday.  I thought she was so cool and I was fascinated by the idea of choosing one piece of clothing to identify yourself.  So when I found this hat at the general store in Historic Cold Spring Village I snatched it up.  I thought I would try wearing it for a week or two but I only lasted one day.  I realized that my identity is about wearing something different all the time.  But when I do wear this hat people get a big kick out of it.  I feel like a kid on my way to a treehouse party or to a campfire for delicious hot s'mores!

Of course I have this vintage sweater jacket (with a zipper!) to go with it.

So Happy Trails everyone
don't forget to wear your favorite hat today!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dearest!!! You are so wonderful!! How could you not where a Coon Skin Hat without a Zippered Raccoon Sweeter. Of course!?