Saturday, January 10, 2015

Channeling Frida

This morning my friend Paige held an art class in her home in West Cape May.  The goal was to draw without any expectations of what your work should look like and just play with all the different drawing materials.  I have always avoided drawing with the thought that I'm not good at it, so I figured that this class would be an excellent challenge for me.  I decided to try to channel Frida Kahlo. So of course I decided to wear some of my Frida Kahlo clothing for inspiration!  After all, not only did Frida paint and draw and write, but she herself was a work of art.  That's what I have always liked best about her.  She has been a major inspiration to me for dressing creatively and expressing myself artistically in what I wear everyday.

This is a pin that I have had for years made out of bottle caps and charms. It dangles and dances when I wear it like a marionette and keeps Frida close to my heart.

I also wore an apron made out of Frida inspired fabric that my friend Cass gave to me.

Several years ago, I made this collage book out of postcards and cutouts of flowers from magazines.  I wrote a gentle story about Frida that was appropriate to read to a kindergarten class. 

Here are some pages from the book:

And this is my ultimate homage to Frida Kahlo.  I made this Mexican inspired shrine out of an old wooden box that used to hold a chemistry set.  I keep it on top of the bookshelf that holds all my books about Frida.

If you want to learn more about Frida Kahlo, visit the website about her here.

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