Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Red Dress

The Red Dress

I don't want to. I don't want to give you away. I still long to be the young girl I once was who could slip so easily into your silhouette.

But you were not young when you came to me, you were already old - it was a generation before. You were born from the hands of a woman who believed in the magic of needle and thread, good cotton fabric, the hum of a sewing machine, the feel of new seams, and the beauty of buttons. She made an art out of sewing, transforming the simply flat into exquisite form.

One time, maybe the best time, I wore you when I danced. The late afternoon sunlight was streaming through the studio windows, making long shadows of your full gathered skirt. The music felt sacred and permeated the atmosphere with magic and grace. I twirled and you followed, a beat behind me, like an echo or a trace of light. I melted into the floor, laying you upon it softly and with dignity. The floor was our friend. I rolled and somersaulted around the room, losing sight of space and time. I liked to be upside-down and you liked to be inside-out. We were proud of our eccentricities.

But how can I describe your red? Oh to find the words! Like roses, of course. And blood from the prick of their thorns. The heat of a bonfire, the blush of a passionate kiss, the taste of strawberries in the spring, the love of a good man. I saw your red once before in a dream, but I have forgotten what it was. Maybe it was a mirror to my soul.

But now I am old and my waist strains against your thin tight belt. We no longer fit each other. It is sad, but expected. The spread of flesh over time. It is time to say good-bye. Find a new life with a new generation.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I am dancing again!

Thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Big Magic") and Amy Purdy (Dancing With The Stars) for mentoring me through a difficult time.  I want to choreograph and perform a dance in honor of my 60th birthday in January and was blocked in many ways, mostly having to do with worries about what people will think and my body image.  I was honored to participate in Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast entitled "Magic Lessons" in which she interviewed me and helped me get going on this project.  In an additional episode, Amy Purdy also offered advice and support to me.  It was an amazing experience and the first interview will go online September 2nd.  I have started rehearsing in my yoga studio (Cape May Yoga) and have posted some photographs below.  I am also available for teaching my new class for teens and adults that I call "Dancing From the Heart" and a class for younger children that involves both creative movement and writing called, "Creativity Lab" which I taught at Cape May City Elementary this past school year.  I am so thrilled to have dancing be a part of my life again!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Our son the doctor!

Kodi graduated today from Stony Brook University with a PHD in psychology.  He will be going to UCLA this summer for a postdoc.  Doesn't he look handsome in his blue and gold?
I am one proud mother.
And while I was waiting for the ceremony to begin I embroidered the program!

Friday, October 2, 2015

We are new members of the Cape May Artists Cooperative!

We are showing all repurposed artwork with an emphasis on using discarded books.  We have turned them into floating bookshelves, lamps, vases, wall displays, miniature book houses, jewelry and even a set of napkin rings!  This is our first try at setting up our display and I'm sure it will continue to evolve over time.

Jeffrey and I are making artwork together for this endeavor and are having a great time collaborating!

We just set up our booth this morning.

Come visit the gallery and enjoy the work of 17 other local artists!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Fashion week in NYC!

On Sunday night my sister and I were treated by my wonderful sister-in-law with tickets to the Nolcha Fashion Show at Chelsea Piers as part of Fashion Week in NYC.  This is the outfit that I chose to wear.

The dress is from one of my favorite consignment stores, "Turn Around Boutique" in Wildwood, NJ and was picked out especially for the event by the fabulous owner of the shop, Lynne Bruno. She encouraged me to go completely vintage with my outfit.  "Do you have any white go-go boots to wear with this dress?"  "No,"  I said, "but I have some red boots that might work."  I bought these boots about 5 years ago at the Goodwill store on 89th and 2nd Ave in NYC for about $12.  
I wasn't too concerned about a bag, but I spotted this vintage envelope purse at a thrift store in Cape May the next day and new it would be the perfect accessory - especially at $4!
The runway show was fantastic but the people watching before and after the show was definitely a big part of the fun! A wonderful time was had by all.  Thank you, dear sister-in-law Jane, for making it all possible.  Love you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Totally unnecessary, but so much fashion fun...


I crocheted these out of sport weight black wool following a pattern found on Ravelry.  Then of course I had to try them on with some of my favorite flip flops.

Vote for your favorite combination by leaving a comment (you can leave a comment anonymously and then you don't have to sign-in) or a message on this blog.  Then I will put together a full outfit to go with the winning choice and model it on my next post.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Game Piece Earrings

I love to wear unusual earrings and have a whole collection that I have made out of game pieces;  Candy Land, Parcheesi, Monopoly, Bingo, Operation, Barrel of Monkeys, puzzle pieces, dice and of course Scrabble.  It is a common occurrence for people to look at me and do a double-take when I am wearing them.  They are certainly familiar, but surprising to see on someone's ears!

Friday, June 5, 2015

My Betsey Johnson Collection

This is a baby wale corduroy pantsuit that I have had since 1973.  I had never heard of Betsey Johnson before but have continued to love the playful and mischievous style of her clothing ever since.  She epitomizes the spirit of a renegade fashion designer and still does at age 70.  Read a wonderful profile of her and see photos from all four decades of her career here.

I have several pieces of Betsey designed clothing in my wardrobe, all from different eras, most of which I have found at thrift stores.  
I absolutely adore these stockings with their contrasting polka dots and the shoes with their lucite heels and Betsey's signature rhinestone decorated hearts.  Bling was her thing before the term was even coined!

This is a two piece set; a plain black slip is worn under the gauzy floral dress.  I guess I felt  like an Indian dancer when I put it on today.  It definitely has an exotic flair to it and most of Betsey's clothes are designed for ease of movement.  She still does a full cartwheel at the end of all her runway shows!
Can you believe I just recently scored this fantastic double breasted jacket complete with shoulder pads for $8 at one of my local thrift stores? 
It's a great addition to my collection and I hope to add new pieces for years to come.  Thanks Betsey!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Summer reading.

This picturesque statue is located outside the public library in Cape May Court House, NJ.  It is so evocative for me of childhood summers spent reading for hours without interruption and charting the books that have been read on an official list kept by the children's librarian.
I am starting my summer reading off this year with a reread of "Pride and Prejudice."  In anticipation of my trip to the library to get the book I also decided to dress for the occasion.
The socks are from Modcloth,
and the shirt is from Etsy.  It has a quote from "Pride and Prejudice" on it.

This is an annotated edition, edited by Patricia Meyer Spacks, and is full of historical, informative, and entertaining notes of all kinds with a total of 442 pages.
I guess I'll be here for a while....