Saturday, January 3, 2015

Outerwear and Small Towns

Just because its winter doesn't mean that we all have to dress ourselves in dark colors, especially in our choice of outerwear.  When skies are gray, then color goes a long way.  It makes people feel better and may even help warm us up. 

I bought this orange coat on sale at Etcetera Thrift Store in North Cape May at the end of last summer.  It was on sale and I paid $3.50 for it.  Shopping for any kind of clothing off season is always a good idea. You can get some great deals.  The tights are from American Apparel and yes, they DO come like that!  I scored this bag last week at the Goodwill. Its actually official "Cirque du Soleil" merchandise. I didn't even know there was such a thing.  It has pockets galore - maybe a tiny dancer will pop out of one of them!

As you may know, after having lived in NYC for 35 years I have been living in a very suburban area of Cape May, NJ for the last 3 years.  These are the decorations that I chose to put in my front yard garden.  One of my neighbors asked me if I was going to "leave the red chair there" and the local librarian asked me if I lived in the "house with the truck."  I said "No, we don't have a truck," and she said "Yes you do, the yellow one."  I found out then that we live in a very small town.  Last year, someone even asked me if I was the lady walking down the street in town with one orange leg and one yellow. By now, however, many people know me and I am happy to report that they totally embrace my eccentricities.  So I have also discovered that a small town can be a very good place to live!

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