Friday, April 3, 2015

Styling Susan

"As a child, I never wanted to get out of my pajamas."  This is how Susan McMahon defined her style preferences after we had been shopping together at a thrift store and I helped her pick out some new clothes.  We were trying a different look on her, playing with more color, texture and contrast in her wardrobe.  At first she thought this sweater was too cutsey but when she tried it on, we both loved the way it looked and she quickly paired it with this citron colored shirt.

When we started shopping she found the thrift store experience overwhelming, but I showed her how to scan the racks and zero in on items to try on, beginning with colors that attracted her eye and fabrics that felt good to the touch. When she found one piece that she really liked, the next step was to put it together with other separates and make an outfit.  She was on a roll, and found this great tulip shaped denim skirt.  The long narrow shape contrasted nicely with the cropped square look of the sweater and highlighted her tall elegant figure. 

As I photographed her she showed me some Tai Chi moves.  She said that in her new clothes she discovered she had a figure, which she had pretty much ignored her whole life.  Now she enjoys dressing up more often and I am reminded of how beautiful people look when they find ways to express themselves through the clothes that they wear.  And then when you pair that with any kind of creative, heartfelt movement, it's like costuming the dance that is your life. 

Bravo, Susan!

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Patricia Aakre said...

Wonderful post, and I like the way the clothes bring out the woman.