Sunday, March 29, 2015

Upcycled Sweater

My sister gave me this 100% wool cardigan from the Gap, size large.  Originally, I thought I would felt it and then cut it up and use it for other projects but when it came out of the washing machine it was my size, so of course I had to try it on! It fit, but it definitely needed an upcycle.  I liked its short square shape so I accentuated that by adding shoulder pads.  Then I went through my stash of buttons, trims and embellishments and went to work.

Each button is different and the gold trim goes all the way around the middle of the sweater and the cuffs.  The red flower applique is from an antiques market and is made out of some kind of soft velvety fabric.  I sewed everything on by hand using a heavy duty black button thread.

Its a perfect weight for these not so cold yet not quite spring days.  I put it together with this gray plaid skirt, striped black and white button down shirt, black tights and booties.  I love the way all the grays and blues work together and how the gold and red pop right out of the subdued color palette.  So next time you get a hand-me-down that's not quite right, play around with it and see what you can do.  The results may just surprise and delight you!


Leslie Gelber said...

I dig your style, and I love this layering. It's fun and chic at the same time! You are amazing.

SharonAzar said...

Wow!!! love the juicy life you put into that conventional, ordinary sweater transforming it into poetry and magic. .