Saturday, April 25, 2015

Yoga Mat Carrier

This is what I made...

out of this!

First I hemmed the upper edge and sewed some thin black and white trim around it. Then I  wrote "Namaste" on the side and stenciled a hummingbird below it using textile paint.  Next I added beads to the bottom tie string (which was already conveniently placed for gathering at the bottom of the pant leg) and sewed a vintage button onto the pocket.  I stenciled a flower below that and then added decorative stitching with embroidery floss down the sides and around the pockets.

I had a strap from a discarded gym bag that I hooked onto a ring that was already on the pants and then sewed some pink and black trim to it and attached the other end to the top of the bag.  I also added a yin yang charm glued to a key which reminds me of my greatest challenge in yoga and in life:  BALANCE.

Let me know if you would like to order your very own yoga mat carrier made from the remaining pant leg by leaving a message in the box located in the right column of this blog post.  You choose your own colors and decorations and I will make it for you!


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River Muse said...

This is brilliant! I always eschew the manufactured yoga bags and accoutrements. They seem out of step with the practice of yoga. But I love the idea of making one from recycled clothing!