Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Will the real Emilio Pucci please stand up?

OK.  So it may seem to my Goodwill audience that I have become obsessed with designer clothes, but if you look at the other posts on my blog, you will see how really eclectic my style is.  However, when I found this faux Pucci at the Goodwill in Hammonton, NJ I couldn't resist doing another runway inspired entry.  The dress on the left is the authentic Emilio Pucci, last seen HERE for $1944. The dress on the right is labeled "Intermission" and I bought it for $8.99.

The Goodwill wins again and I strike a Pucci pose!

One of the best things about shopping at the Goodwill is coming home with all my newly found treasures and then accessorizing them with items that I already have in my wardrobe. These vintage gloves were another thrift store purchase that I hand embroidered.  The graphic design seems to compliment the Pucci style perfectly.

So, go shop at the Goodwill near you and tell me about your great finds by clicking on "comments" below this post on my blog:

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Anonymous said...

Wow you look beautiful here. Thanks for reminding me of all the great things to be found at Goodwill.