Monday, March 2, 2015

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

I ransacked my closet
And shuffled through drawers
Looking for clothes
Behind closet doors

To celebrate Seuss
His birthday was near
I had to be dressed
Before Monday, oh dear!

And finally I found them
My shoes and my shirt
That screamed Dr. Seuss
For all that he's wort'

To the library I went
The best in Cape May
For all of the books
That I needed today.

The librarian Nena
Was there at the ready
With Seusian costume
And reference skills steady.

Together we found them
The cat and the wocket 
Hiding in shelves
In a hat and a pocket.

 So I spent the day reading
And lounging about
Laughing and smiling
I never did doubt

That traveling back
to that time long ago
To library shelves
With books all in rows

Would make me feel happy
Excited inside
To read every book 
That I found and I spied.

So Happy Birthday to you
Dr. Seuss you are great
For helping kids read
Number one you do rate!



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is adorable!!!!! I love your ideas.

Anonymous said...

The poetry is spot on - just like Dr. Seuss. I can’t stop reading it!!! over and over…

Jeffrey Arfer said...

Thank you Miss Penelope
for all that you've written
your poem is just fine
and you're cute as a kitten.

SharonAzar said...

I love the poem by Penelope in honor and in the spirit of Dr. Seuss...beautiful outfits. Penelope looks so happy when she's surrounded by color, texture and beauty!!