Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Rick Rack

I collect rick rack.  It makes me smile.  It comes in all different sizes and colors and is easy to sew or glue onto anything - it even goes around in circles with ease.  Traditionally it is used as an edging, but the best thing that I ever did with it was decorate this acrylic cardigan.  I used two colors of the same size and sewed it on in a swirling meandering pattern all over the front and back of the sweater.  It reminds me of those diagrams for ballroom dancing, but without the footprints.  Whenever I wear it,  people comment on it.  I take that opportunity to ask them if they know what it is.  The over 40 crowd usually does, but the younger crowd needs to be educated.  I consider it my cause to enlighten them on its delightful moniker.  Rick rack.  Its also a good name for a cat!

This is my collection of rick rack that I glued onto a table runner and a pillar candle.


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