Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alice in Wonderland

     Dressed for the movie in a set of teapot and teacup earrings, lots of frills and pink and black striped tights!


Patricia Markert said...

How was the movie? I am so curious about it. You look very Alice like. I love the belt.
Thank you, Jeffrey, for taking such great shots of P's stuff and styling.

Penelope Cake said...

The movie was disappointing...I expected a lot more color and beauty in the art direction. Alice and her outfits were very gray. The queen and the mad hatter were the most colorful part. Most of the movie was just one chase scene after another. It lacked charm...

sally lomanno said...

The first photo is the most up close since we've been back in touch- almost feel like I could say something and your photo would respond- be great to really see you soon!
Pippi is absolutely adorable and Jeffrey is clearly a sweetheart. Teacup earrings!!!!
Your buttons have given me an idea I can't wait to try- which is covering my bike with buttons and making handle bar streamers out of measuring tape ribbon- I'll be wanting your advice!
Sent you some snail mail this morning. Have a great weekend

Penelope Cake said...

Sal - The bicycle idea is great! Maybe we can work on it together when I visit. I think the best glue to use is "GOOP."