Monday, February 2, 2015

There Was A Bear In My Yoga Class

There was a bear in my yoga class.
I wasn't prepared.
Don't run
He will come after you.
Stare, make noise, seem threatening.

But I was in yoga class.

He was breathing so loudly.
I couldn't focus, let go, 
Get into my yoga head.
What could I do?

I was in yoga class.

Maybe this:
Breathe with the bear.
But he was so 
And I was so 

Maybe this:
Become the baby bear
Let him be the daddy bear.

I tried
And I tried.
It felt weird to be a baby bear.
But soon 
We were in synch.
Loud and long and deep.
Maybe for the first time
I was learning how to breathe.

I thanked him
And we took a big bear breath

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