Friday, February 6, 2015

My Inner Child

With only two oranges, I wouldn't exactly call this juggling but at least I usually didn't drop them.  That was when I worked as a birthday party entertainer.  I was known as T.W. McElf and I would take children on a magical dance journey through imaginary woods and water and places where you could only move backwards.  This unitard was my costume - it was hand painted by an artist in the 80's which was when I was doing this kind of work to supplement my income as a dancer, waitress and part time teacher.  It still fits me but I no longer consider myself an elf!

Shoes were superfluous in this context.

I added this skirt to make an outfit for the Penelope Cake of today.  I hand embroidered it with this Tolkien quote that sums up my life from then until now.  Wandering does take you to the most interesting places!

Looking back, the real seems imaginary and in retrospect it was a wonderful journey.  

Maybe I really am an elf!

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Anonymous said...

I have never forgotten the story of TW McElf on the subway. But until now I had never seen a picture of the costume or the Elf. The imaginary comes clear!!