Friday, February 13, 2015

My Krafty Side

Here I am in my creative haven.  This is where all of my art making takes place.  I am holding a tote bag that I crocheted out of plastic shopping bags and one of my embroidered photographs.  Besides fashion, embroidery has been a big passion for me lately.  For a closer look at some of my latest work go HERE. The blue Ikea bag is full of clothes that I plan to upcycle and my shelves are packed with supplies and tools. 
 I have this fabulous counter for sewing and for all of my other artistic endeavors.  A studio like this allows me to keep several projects going at once.  I find that I prefer to work that way so that I can change my focus and don't get too bogged down in any one thing.
 This is my desk chair that I yarn bombed along with a piece of tongue-in-cheek embroidery entitled "Thinking Skills."

 My Valentine's Day Heart shelf stays up all year long.
 This mobile is hanging in another corner of my studio. I made it with discarded children's hangers, baby clothes, doll clothes and accessories. Clothes of all kinds obviously fascinate me.
I found this t-shirt at a thrift store the other day and knew that it would be perfect to wear for this blog post.  I love the way the orange shirt and the red pants just scream "color" to each other!
Krafty, don't you think?

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