Friday, April 2, 2010

Making a doll

Sal Lomanno, a childhood friend who I haven't been in contact with for about 40 years, invited me to visit her in Cape May, NJ.  It was an amazing and inspiring experience.  We talked for hours.  We revisited ourselves as children and renewed ourselves as adults.  We decided to create something together - to make a doll.  We went hunting in thrift stores and junk stores to find the right materials.  We didn't know what we were looking for, but found some things to start with.  A soft maroon sweater is becoming the body, some toy oars will most likely be the legs, a vintage aluminum jello mold will be a hat, we'll use buttons for eyes, rick rack for a mouth and are hoping to make some wings out of a lace table runner.  The process of creating a doll and recreating our friendship has begun.  I  look forward to the adventure!

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Patricia Markert said...

How ingenious to combine developing friendship with creating an art form, two deep ways to have meaning in your life. So often friendships grow stale because there is no forward thrust, but by making something together you learn and grow together at the same time.