Saturday, April 10, 2010


Several years ago I discovered an old cigarette machine at the Whitney Museum that vends art, instead of cigarettes.  It is in the gift shop and requires the purchase of a special token for $7.50 to use it.  After pulling the knob, you receive an original piece of artwork the exact size of a package of cigarettes.  These machines are located in arts institutions and museums throughout the country.  Last year I submitted these small assemblages in solid color tones for consideration in the program.  They were accepted and I became an official Art-o-mat artist!  This is a photograph of the fifty finished pieces that went into the re-purposed   machines all over the country.  Each one was packaged in a box that was labeled "Object Lessons" by Penelope Cake.  They are all sold out now, so I plan to make a whole new batch but I need more solid colored random pieces of junk to finish them.  Any donations would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!


River Muse said...

I'll scour my homes for junk for you, Pen! Are you coming to the show this weekend?

Patricia Markert said...

This graphic is so gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

Dearest Pen,
I have designated a box on my desk as, Random pieces for Pen. The idea of collecting solid color random pieces to share with you at some point in the future gives me great pleasure. xm