Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas, circa 1962

I will never forget the Christmas that Santa brought me this toy kitchen.  I have kept it carefully packed and stored away for years.  Today I brought it down from the attic and set it up on a shelving unit that Jeffrey made for my studio using old picket fencing.  I can't believe how evocative it is of that time in my childhood and how much I love it.  There is a turkey in the oven that used to rotate with battery power, and the dishwasher and sink both have containers in the back to hold water that can actually run through the faucets.  I have dishes and food too, but I think I will save them to use in some future artwork.  I gathered a few other childhood inspired items and added them to the shelves above the toy kitchen. I have been happily working in my studio all day on a variety of projects.  There is so much to do in the new year and I think I am ready!

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Cindy said...

Hi Penelope, so fun to look at your latest creations. You are an inspiration! Your skirts are great. I also love your toy kitchen. I dreamed of having one when I was a child and even made one for my younger sister out of shoeboxes and tin foil. (stainless)I did have a toy oven you could cook bananas or apples with a light bulb. Those were the days when children were not so protected and learned that ovens are hot and you could get burned. Your pinterest is also wonderful. It is my goal to start both esty and pinterest pages this month. There, I said it out loud or electronically anyway. Have a great new year. I am looking for a scottie puppy if you know of any

Cindy Rust