Tuesday, August 27, 2013


Recently, I have been having a great time giving small gifts to people that cross my path each day.  I have even been thinking about it as some kind of "calling."  I love to see the smile on people's faces and the surprise in their eyes when I just give them something unexpectedly.  Often times I don't even know the people who I am gifting.  One time, a waitress admired my handmade earrings and I left them for her with the tip.  Another time I took little pieces of art that I made, put them into gum ball machine capsules, went to the local bagel shop, and handed them out to everyone who was there.  One of my neighbors was recovering from a back injury so I gave her a bluejay feather that I had found that morning for good luck.  Today I put a lavender sachet in my purse made out of a vintage handkerchief and gave it to a receptionist at a doctor's office.  And now I am imagining what I can do tomorrow and in the days to come - it is so much fun!

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Patricia Markert said...

I love this thought, matching kindness with creativity, and the surprise gives it an extra boost.