Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Morning Walk #3

I’m not there
I can meet the sky.
I’m not there
Where thinking
Is an option.
I’m not there where
The ocean and I
See eye to eye.
I’m not there where my soul
Has wings.

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Patricia Markert said...

Dear Penelope,
I love the sound of this poem, with its repeating rhymes of where and there. The ambiguity of repeating the line "I'm not there" makes me wonder "where?" and then you explain, but I am not sure that I am meant to take the poem literally. If I do, the meaning is clear: How frustrating it must be if I am interpreting correctly that you want to meet the sky, but can't, where you want to think, but have no choice, where you want to see the ocean, but can't.

I hope that you are there now, and that this poem was written in the past.