Wednesday, August 10, 2011

2 Poems?

I have been walking to the beach every morning and thinking about things....

Morning walk #1
Pippi weighs 8lbs 13ozs and she barks at the ocean.
I think that she thinks
It will answer her.
Nothing has prepared her for this.
Not the joggers that come too close,
Or the other dogs that get in her way on city sidewalks.
It does not respond to her voice but repeats its own refrain.
The waves roll in and she runs out, creating her own song.  Soon they are dancing together. 

Morning Walk #2
There is time to find beach glass.
No need to bow
It will be there when I find it.
For now, I look out.
Tall back, long neck,
Shoulders released.
To where
Is time.


Patricia Markert said...

Yes, poems. Lovely poems.

SharonAzar said...

may you continue writing, running, dancing and loving
hugs to Pippi Cake