Friday, July 16, 2010

I find myself in a world of pink...

Today, I wore pink and black sunsuit that my sister got for me at Daffy's and Pippi wore a pink bandanna that I made for her with poodles on it.

Yesterday, my friend Judith made a dress for me with the same fabric.  It was like magic.

She measured  me and  then cut and sewed the dress without any pattern or pins, in less than two hours.  I had  these poodle earrings that I made from keychains to go with it.

Then I remembered the new wallet that I bought at Pearl River last week - its mostly pink.

And I just finished reading a children's book called "The Pink Motel" by Carol Ryrie Brink in which the color pink is used as a symbol of individuality leading to a better understanding and acceptance of diversity.

So THINK PINK and enjoy your weekend!
xo Penelope


we didn't break it, but we bought it. now we're trying to fix it... said...

I LOVED the Pink Motel when I was thirteen. Is it still good?

Penelope Cake said...

Yes, the Pink Motel is delightfully quirky and communicates very positive ideas about what it means to be "different." There is also a lot of great satire - especially the family who spends all of their getting tan!

Elizabeth Ohlson said...

I love your work--your energy and creativity!

(Let me tell you my problem with commenting. When I clicked on comments, the place for me to leave a comment showed up BEHIND your page where I couldn't see it. But now I know!)

Keep up your great work.