Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fruit #3

Here is another "Fruit" outfit.  I reconstructed the dress from a 1960's shirt by cutting off the collar and sleeves, reshaping the neck and adding pink tulle to the bottom.  The belt is made out of grass turf and fake flowers [I didn't make it].  Green cowboy boots, white satin gloves, a green button bracelet [that I did make] and green dangling earrings finish off the outfit.  All I need is a place to go!  Maybe I should start my own "Fruits" gathering - anyone want to join me?   How about on Sunday afternoons at the High Line in NYC?


Patricia Markert said...

I would love to meet you at the Highline on Sundays, if you are still gathering after the summer when I am back in the city. You're right, it would be good to see you in person. I am curious for instance about the detail in the gloves, and what the bracelet is made of. In the meantime, I love what you are wearing.

Who made the belt?


Penelope Cake said...

Thanks Patty! I don't know who make the belt. It was given to me by a friend about 20 years ago and I have treasured it ever since.