Wednesday, July 27, 2016

I am dancing again!

Thanks to Elizabeth Gilbert (author of "Eat, Pray, Love" and "Big Magic") and Amy Purdy (Dancing With The Stars) for mentoring me through a difficult time.  I want to choreograph and perform a dance in honor of my 60th birthday in January and was blocked in many ways, mostly having to do with worries about what people will think and my body image.  I was honored to participate in Elizabeth Gilbert's podcast entitled "Magic Lessons" in which she interviewed me and helped me get going on this project.  In an additional episode, Amy Purdy also offered advice and support to me.  It was an amazing experience and the first interview will go online September 2nd.  I have started rehearsing in my yoga studio (Cape May Yoga) and have posted some photographs below.  I am also available for teaching my new class for teens and adults that I call "Dancing From the Heart" and a class for younger children that involves both creative movement and writing called, "Creativity Lab" which I taught at Cape May City Elementary this past school year.  I am so thrilled to have dancing be a part of my life again!


Bobi~isms said...

HurraY... And a very happy last few month of your 59th year. Penelope, I will be turning 60 in November... I want to dance with you. My schedule is still crazy but I am going to make it a point to keep dancing till your 60th birthday too and at least one time it will be in closer proximity rather then 10 or so miles away. I will also be sure to listen to the podcast for inspiration as we keep spinning on the axis toward more beauty in our life.

Patricia Markert said...

You look marvelous! Am so glad that you are returning to dance. I loved your 50th birthday celebration, and can only imagine your 60th!

jess said...

Hi Penelope! I heard your story on Elizabeth Gilberts podcast and am so inspired. I actually started a company called You Can Dance Again and it's all about encouraging people to discover dance for themselves again in their own way. I would love to feature your story or at the very least just have a conversation and connect as dancers! If you're interested please let me know!

Julie Hosler said...

Hi Penelope,
I have been thinking of your lately, and wonder how your journey has morphed since the Magic Lessons episodes. Life has a funny way of providing side paths to the one that we initially head down, and would love to hear an update on where your journey has taken you.

Nothing but love and admiration,