Tuesday, December 30, 2014

What color should I wear today?

I love color, so dressing myself in all black is not something I usually do.  There are times, however, when it works perfectly.  Today I went to the The Magic Gardens in Philadelphia and the color was so vibrant there that any color I could have worn would have paled in comparison. I also like the way the black looks in contrast to this incredibly colorful fantasy world created by the artist Isaiah Zagar.  Fashion may be art but art definitely takes center stage here.  Maybe my next project should be a mosaic dress!

Bicycle wheels were used to create windows onto other parts of the mosaic landscape.

Small tunnels lead you to small rooms like going through a maze or a labyrinth, and every square inch is covered in mosaic. If you are ever in Philadelphia, The Magic Gardens is definitely a must see.


Annie said...

What a great colorful frame for your beautiful self!

Patricia Markert said...

You look beautiful in the midst of all that vibrancy

Anonymous said...

Wow that is cool as Hell!! Love what he did and you look great in the midst of it all. Great comments you made, too!