Monday, November 10, 2014

We won!!

"Miss Metal" won first prize in the Individual/Family category at the Emlyn Physick Estate scarecrow contest in Cape May, NJ.  Jeffrey and I made her together.  We also put a scavenger hunt sign next to her with the following text.

    Ok, we'll start with a TEAPOT. I know, that was way too easy! How about some KNITTING NEEDLES? There are 5 of them. What about a CANDLE HOLDER? (Hint: its upside-down.) Two SCOURING PADS? The kind that you use for really dirty pots! A HEART? (aaaw...) A CIRCUIT PANEL? (In other words, that electronic looking thing.) A SOUP CAN? (What kind do you think she likes?) A LOCK and a few KEYS? Here's another easy one. A STARFISH. Oh my gosh, what's that THING hanging in the middle of her body? Ok, here's a really hard one. BEDSPRINGS! And how many SPOONS is she wearing? Its a good thing she always has her SEATBELT on to keep her safe. How about a little BIRD and a little FISH? She's even ready for Christmas with a JINGLE BELL and she has her hair done up in PINCURLS. (Ask your Grandma what those are.) I'm sure that you can find a lot more things that are not even on this list, but we'll end this game with the biggest ZIPPER PULL that you have ever seen! So what do you have around your house that you can make into ART?
     She is now living next to our front door to welcome you the next time you visit us! 


Patricia Markert said...

Of course you did! Who could beat it?!

This is so cool!

River Muse said...

This is brilliant!