Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Greening the kitchen for the New Year.

I decided that our kitchen needed some reorganization in honor of the new year and wanted some shelf paper to add to the inside of the cabinets.  My goal this year, as it has been for a long time, is to make as many things as I can instead of buying them.  I had already been collecting brown paper grocery bags to use as wrapping paper for Christmas presents so I  had the supplies handy.  After I cut them open, I ironed them with steam so that they would lie flat.  Then I measured and cut them to fit the shelves.

I used pinking shears for a decorative edge.  I kept the first piece as a template and slipped the next one that I cut onto a shelf.  It fit perfectly!  Clean glasses were in the dishwasher awaiting their new home, so in they went.

There's only one problem.  There are more than 25 shelves to go before I finish the job!  Is that really how I want to spend my New Year's Day?

I've decided that I will take a nap and think about it later.  Maybe instead of doing it all at once I could do a little bit all year long.  I'll let you know next New Year's how its going!

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Patricia Markert said...

I am amazed at the industry with which you tackle your projects, and how professionally finished they look. To think that a beautiful shelf paper could be made from used paper bags. Brilliant.