Sunday, March 3, 2013

Good morning.

In the morning, I find myself, over and over again - or maybe I find myself anew.  Maybe, each day, I am a different person, just born out of sleep and dreams.  I never tire of the mornings, even when I am tired.  Sleep does not come easily for me but mornings do.  Possibility is alive and percolating, like a morning cup of coffee.  Dark and rich and hot - until the sun rises.  I am usually awake then.  It is rare that the sun rises before I do.  Afterwards, I can sometimes go back to sleep.  I have witnessed the dawn of another day and am content.  I made it this far….

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Patricia Markert said...

Dear Penelope,

I like your profile statement very much. It is encouraging to know that you can reinvent yourself and find new ways every day to be creative.

The coffee cup shown in the picture makes me nostalgic for the days of the once common Greek diner in New York City.

I love your attitude about early rising!