Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fruit #1

"Fruits" is a beautiful Phaidon book with vibrant photographs of Japanese teenagers in fantastic, outrageous, colorful and playful outfits.  The author and photographer, Shoichi Aoki, states that his interest in fashion "comes from the way people express themselves through the clothes they wear."  During the 1990's, teenagers congregated every weekend in the Harajuku district of Tokyo to display their creative attire, socialize, and inspire each other.  Street fashion became personalized artwork, moving sculpture and a performance event all at the same time.  This is my homage to that movement.  For the next few days, I will be experimenting with my own "fruity" outfits and posting them here.


River Muse said...

You are a true fruit!

Patricia Markert said...

The raspberry and lime combination are perfect for summer. Or is it kiwi? I also like the peppermint circles on your belt, and the wafer cookie bracelet.

I have seen that book and it is delectable. I look forward to seeing more of your fruity outfits this summer.