Friday, February 26, 2010

Denim Key Skirt

To my dismay, metal keys are quickly becoming a relic of the past.  And not just the antique skeleton keys of centuries ago but even car keys are becoming superfluous. In this age of electronic scanners and plastic keycards we probably won’t hear the familiar jingle of keys quite so often anymore –our children won’t know what they are and they will go the way of the rotary phone and the typewriter.  Luckily, I have always saved any key that came my way and have a box full of them.

Which brings us to today’s creation.  I recently bought an Old Navy denim skirt at the Salvation Army on 8th Avenue and 21st St.  Denim is like a blank canvas to me – it just begs to be made into  art.  I went through my key box and found six that could hang right underneath the zippers on the front pockets and tried using small gold safety pins to attach them instead of sewing them on.  It worked!  The pins actually add to the industrial look and were much easier to use for attachment than sewing.  Then I found a smaller key and used a short piece of ball and chain to hang it from the front zipper.  Using Aleene’s OK To Wash-It glue, I added some brown flowered trim to the bottom edge of the skirt and was finished in less than a ½ hour!

Does anyone want the denim key skirt?  It is an Old Navy size 8 and I would love to give to someone who would wear it and enjoy it!

One of the keys on the denim skirt came from an old hotel -  I  used the vintage tag and made it into a necklace.  



Patricia Markert said...

My mother's car key is made of plastic and you don't even have to put it in the ignition. You set it nearby and push a lump of rubber that is like a button (when will buttons disappear?!) and the car starts.

I love this skirt, and the keys must make a lovely sound.

cindy said...

Penelope, I love you skirt and the doll. I have mine hanging in my kitchen inspiring me every day.

sally lomanno said...

This blog is inspiring. And it makes me smile! What will I make tomorrow...
Hope there will always be some metal keys- remember the first keys of childhood? Diary keys, roller skate keys.